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You can customize your dinnerware with Monogram, or in the colour you wish making it unique and special

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All our Handpainted Collections are Limoges porcelaine, pure white ,fine and delicate. Timeless pieces. Our designs dinnerware, well-placed tables and the art of entertaining. The result: Molecot, a line of Limoges porcelain pieces hand-painted or manufactured individually with their personal designs. Fine, resistant, quality porcelain. The inspiration for a design or collection can come from the Beauty of Life itself, different cultures, geometric shapes, the interior designs, art in general.
Our Handpainted pieces are custom made. It is a meticulous work, one plate can go through many hands and several cooks in a special oven. Luxury and exclusiveness handcrafted collections with gold edges, and cooked several times. It is a handcrafted work so there are no two pieces alike, it may vary in shape and colour. For a good use and maintenance we recommend not use of microwave and dishwasher.